Amanda H. Young

PRESENTATION TITLE: Clearing Out The Energy of Addiction

Clean Up Your Energy

Amanda H. Young, President & Founder of Clean Up Your Energy, is a certified Energy Mastery ™ Core practitioner. After having children, she quickly experienced changes in her own body including anxiety, panic attacks, hormone imbalances, and abdominal discomfort that left her seeking answers. In an effort to re-balance her health naturally, she consulted a long list of traditional doctors and non-traditional healers in pursuit of better health and improved happiness. On her journey, she was introduced to energy work by studying Reiki and Theta Healing while gaining a deeper understanding and connection to her own intuitive gifts.

Realizing that the various techniques she was using to maintain her own health were limited in their ability to provide lasting relief, she sought a comprehensive healing modality to address both the physical symptoms she was experiencing and the emotional blocks that accompanied them.

In 2016, she was introduced to Energy Mastery™ by its founder, Sheevaun O’Connor Moran, and went on to become a certified Energy Mastery™ Core practitioner in 2017. As a practitioner, Amanda has provided lasting relief from emotional traumas including addiction, sexual assault, abandonment, grief, and PTSD, to physical pains from migraine headaches, concussions, anxiety attacks, respiratory illnesses, and chronic pain across the globe.