Anita-Marie Roach

PRESENTATION TITLE: Rhythm, Ritual and Routine: Creating a Life of Optimal Health, Love, and Purpose in Recovery

Health, Love, Purpose

Anita-Marie is a holistic health coach, soul sherpa and transformation guide. Today, Anita helps people connect the dots, identify, heal, honor and integrate their master wounds, strategize and problem solve along their journeys to their highest and best selves all while seeing the yummy, delicious, goodness that life offers even in the midst of the crap. But it hasn’t always been like that. Not even close. She spent most of her life doing battle with herself and the universe trying to understand and overcome the obstacles that constantly landed in front of her – herself often being the biggest one! From the death of her mom at the age of eight, leaving home at sixteen, the birth of her twin daughters at nineteen, single parenthood and a laundry list of other things including sobriety and health issues, Anita-Marie learned the hard way the importance of taking time to not just heal but honor your core wounds and ancestral connections; understand your unique design and purpose; celebrate your strength and the milestones; develop a strategy that best serves you; and continually check your personal road map to stay on course.  She has combined her experience; knowledge and unique gifts of healing, intuition, root cause analysis, health, nutrition, strategy, creativity and empathy to make the climb easier for those she works with. Along the way you’ll hear her tales of triumph but, more importantly, of small steps, big mistakes, and the magic (and hilarity) that ensues when you stop trying to walk someone else’s path and let life lead the way. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Life Balance Energy Awareness practitioner and Reiki Master. Previously, Anita had a successful 25-year career in marketing, strategic planning and consulting.