Beck Gee-Cohen, MA LADC

PRESENTATION TITLE: Affirming Parenting: Creating a safe & supportive environment for your LGBTQ young people

The Romeyn Collective

Beck resides in Los Angeles, CA. He has over 13 years of personal recovery and continues to address concerns of equality and acceptance of LGBTQ+ in recovery, educational, and mental health communities. Beck’s master’s degree is in Addiction Studies from Hazelden Graduate School. Beck has facilitated workshops and spoken internationally at various conferences regarding advocacy, trauma, recovery, and adolescents specifically involving LGBTQ+ communities. Today he continues to train clinicians and facility staff on LGBTQ+ issues, helps facilities establish LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, and provides program development for facilities that want to expand their services to LGBTQ+ populations. He helps institutions through his company, BGC Consulting. He also works with LGBTQ identified young people and their families to help navigate educational institutions and treatment settings as an associate consultant at The Romeyn Collective. and is the founder of BGC consulting which trains staff and facilities on LGBTQ best practices.