Cara Bradley, B.A., M.A., CMS, CCC, CSEI

PRESENTATION TITLE: Emotional Chaos to Emotional Resilience

ARISE® Network

Cara Bradley has achieved a B.A. in NeuroPsychology, a M.A. in Communications and Conflict Management along with numerous certifications including Mediation and Restorative Justice Professional, Conflict Coaching, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.  Most recently, she has completed months of intense study in the field of Prevention Specialist and is passionate about developing programs to hit issues before they manifest into full blown chaos.

Her teaching experience and skills span 30 years of adult education and includes 10 years in Holistic Health Training, 10 years in Court Mandated Parenting Classes, Social and Emotional Skills for community and government agencies, mediation trainings and implicit bias trainings for City and County employees.

Currently, Cara is working with the ARISE® Network as the National and International Training Manager, ARISE® Coaching, managing and practicing a private business in mediation and teaching engagements, along with serving as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) .