Holly Daniels, PhD, LMFT

PRESENTATION TITLES: Demystifying Therapy: What CBT, DBT, EMDR and All Those Letters Mean, and How Therapy Helps Heal the Family

Dr. Holly Daniels

Holly Daniels, PhD, LMFT, is a private practice therapist and therapeutic educational consultant who specializes in substance use disorders, eating disorders, relational trauma and family systems work.  She is an elected state board member for the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) supporting over 32,000 clinicians statewide.  She is also member of the International Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and an EMDRIA trained therapist. She speaks regularly at both local and national events, and has been interviewed by Time, US News and World Report, Bustle and other international publications regarding relationship issues, parenting support, and strategies to stay in recovery after treatment.  Holly works with individuals, couples, and family systems, specializing in emerging adults. As the mother of two teenagers, she feels honored to get a first-hand daily glimpse into the zeitgeist of Generation Z.