Kathy Wrenn

PRESENTATION TITLE: Finding my Lifeline


Kathy Wrenn is passionate about helping to make a difference in people’s lives.  She has been a health and physical education teacher, coach, school wellness coordinator and involved with school drug prevention programs.  In 2010, she helped launch a school wellness program for students and employees that has grown into a robust comprehensive program that has been nationally recognized.  Drug prevention is an important component of this student wellness program. She continues to work part-time as the school employee wellness coordinator

Ten years ago, Kathy and her husband started on the substance use disorder journey with one of their sons. At the time, they did not know where to turn for support, guidance and information, and felt alone amidst the chaos.  Kathy wants to fill that gap for other families.  So, for the last three years Kathy has pursued her desire to help build support programs for family members by helping to start support groups at her church and a mom support group out of her home. Currently, she is working to expand both the family recovery and school drug prevention programs in her community.