Laurie Healy

PRESENTATION TITLE: From Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Recovery: How brothers and sisters can make a difference


Laurie has been a long-time advocate for wellness, both on the personal and professional front. While her professional background is firmly rooted in the marketing and technology arena, she has championed and created multiple wellness and fitness initiatives and programs in both health clubs and workplaces. She is passionate about ensuring that our workplaces are healthy environments that promote both physical and emotional well-being.

In 2018, Laurie was one of the individuals to bring “MNtal Health” discussions to the tech+entrepreneurical scene in Minneapolis St. Paul, with the goal of joining the growing movement to support mental health parity. Since then, she has helped launch a series of workshops around this topic (

Laurie is also a strong ally to the recovery community and an advocate for individuals and families that are struggling with substance use disorders (SUD). Laurie’s personal experience with a sibling’s struggle with SUD has inspired her to create change in her own community. She is inspired to come alongside families and equip them with the tools and resources necessary to create a supportive family and friends network so that feelings of isolation, confusion and misunderstanding are diminished – and replaced by hope.