Lynn Kelley Bs Ed; Ms Ed Leadership; CCAR

PRESENTATION TITLE: Finding Freedom in Forgiveness: How Recovery Healed a Broken Family

Mother, advocate, Recovery Coach, veteran educator and proud ally to recovery communities across the East Coast; Lynn is a person in long term recovery from the effects of Substance Use Disorder and  has spent the better part of the last fifteen years looking to lift up people, families and communities affected by addiction through focus on the recovery of the family. Lynn began her journey in and towards recovery helping her family to achieve serenity amidst the substance abuse disorder of their father and her husband.  The focus on the family only increased when it was her son, and her children’s sibling facing the battle. Regardless of who was addicted, Lynn has always kept the focus on furthering the recovery of the family unit as a whole.

Lynn brings a long history of personal experience to the table when it comes to seeking family recovery and carrying the message through service to others both affected by the SUD disorder and its effects.   These experiences have resulted in a development of compassion and understanding, vital to the assistance in family recovery. Furthermore, Lynn holds a Master’s Degree in Education, having fine-tuned her ability to reach and to teach across any number of differing, and sometimes competing personalities. She is passionate about reaching families where they are at and shattering the stigma of “not my child” so that families and communities can come together to heal and embrace recovery together as the gift it can be rather than the negative connotation it has today.

Lynn believes that family recovery can be achieved any member of the family seeks personal recovery in one capacity or another.  This belief is so ingrained in Lynn’s approach to achieving family recovery that she herself has sought personal recovery in conjunction with trying to further her own family’s recovery on their journey.  Today, she has a family that is bond no longer by marriage – but by recovery – and together will welcome their first grandchild, April 23, 2019.