Michelle Bonsignore, M.S., LMFT

PRESENTATION TITLE: From Protection to Connection: What Addiction Teaches Us About The Healing Power of Relationships

Michelle Bonsignore Therapy

While in the midst of a successful career, working as an art director in the advertising industry, Michelle Bonsignore chose to respond to a series of strong nudges from the universe — to pivot and to pay forward the discoveries she’d mined from facing and rising above her own adversity and to apply her curiosity and creativity to the art of providing therapeutic support to others Michelle has honed a strong foundation of training and experience to meet the emergent needs of those seeking to improve how they feel about and relate to themselves, others, and their life with a particular expertise in the areas of relationships and addiction.

Many years ago, when addiction first emerged in the lives of those she loves, Michelle found myself, toe-to-toe, with one of the most significant challenges of her life; deciphering how best to care for her loved ones without interrupting her family’s opportunities for growth or sacrificing her own wellbeing in the process. That journey unearthed valuable lessons and the development of skills that accentuate the richness of her life to this day. Michelle is passionate about sharing wisdom and solutions; aligning herself to champion individuals, couples and families as they face and transcend the impact of addiction.

Michelle’s clients and colleagues describe her as lion-hearted, trustworthy, openminded, creative and a powerful ally. She has held positions as a family therapist in a myriad of residential and outpatient addiction treatment centers and nurtures a private practice in Marin County. Michelle’s core mission is to push forward the development of programs and curriculum to support the continuing care of families recovering  from addiction and to be a beacon of light, love and possibility to those who have drifted away from those nutrients.