Nichol Young



Nichol has been practicing fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle and profession for more than 30 years. From Personal Training, to Group Training to Yoga Teaching, to managing and training large fitness programs in the Northern Virginia area, she has developed a style that motivates, connects and inspires all types of people.  Whether its your first time or you have had years of practice, she’s got you.

Nichol’s advice is to find the way you love to move your body and make that your fitness practice, whether its in the gym, on a yoga mat, in a Pilates studio, running or hiking in nature or your neighborhood sidewalk, it doesn’t matter as long as your body and mind feel the positive effects.
Her phenomenal depth of knowledge about physiology, anatomy, the mind/body/spirit connection and the impact of exercise on your body as well as its effect on overall wellness, mood, emotional stability and peace makes gives her clients a transformational experience. It is experiencing that transformational experience along side her clients and seeing them grow and reap all the benefits of self love, care and appreciation that has over the years built her passion to continue to share, teach and heal in the gym, in the studio and almost anywhere she can.

When she’s not on a yoga mat, she’s spending her time family, friends and her two bulldogs on her front porch, riding motorcycles and horses  and creating beautiful spaces to be in at home and at the beach.