Oriana Murphy, LCSW

PRESENTATION TITLE: “I Didn’t Know Any Better:” Parental Instincts Gone Awry

Oriana Murphy

Oriana Murphy has shown passionate dedication to those who struggle with addiction issues through her extensive studies and over 15 years of experience in the fields of addiction and mental health treatment. Oriana has an LCSW as well as a Masters of Arts in Psychology with a specialization in addiction, and is a CADC-II certified counselor. She has experience working in all aspects of the field, both residential and outpatient settings, and is well known and respected throughout the Southern California recovery community. Oriana currently is the Associate Executive Director for Sober College School of Addiction Studies where she builds content for counseling education and also teaches both in-class and online courses.  Oriana has a private practice in West Los Angeles where she works with both families and individuals. Most importantly, Oriana and her husband share the joy of parenthood with their daughter Emma.