Pam Lanhart

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Stepping Out of The Cycle of Chaos

Praying for our Loved Ones

Pam Lanhart is the director of Thrive Family Support, the only family support network in Minnesota.  Having been touched by the difficulties of substance abuse in her own family, it has become her mission to help parents, spouses and siblings navigate the difficult labyrinth of dealing with a family member who is struggling with substance use or mental health disorders.

Pam brings her personal experiences to the Thrive! Program as an adult child of an alcoholic, a sibling of a family member in recovery and the parent of children who have struggled with both substance use and mental health disorders, now also in recovery.  She is gifted in crisis management, connecting families to appropriate resources and provides a compassionate, understanding approach to those going through some of the most extreme difficulties in their lives.  She is a certified peer specialist, a nationally certified family recovery coach, a speaker and an author.  Pam is passionate about family recovery and has developed a program called “Loving Well – 12 Principles to Healthy Family Recovery.”    She also inspires thousands of people daily through her blogs, Praying Our Loved Ones Home and Our Marvelous Mess.  Based on her blog, she has authored the book Praying Our Loved One Home.