Tim Rabolt

PRESENTATION TITLE: #RecoveryOverEverything, How Family and Collegiate Recovery Saved My Life and Made Me Thrive


Tim Rabolt is the Executive Director for the Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE). Tim started off as a conference attendee and worked his way up from being a student member, a student representative on the Board, Treasurer on the Executive Board, outside consultant, Director of Community Relations, and now Executive Director. Prior to joining ARHE, Tim worked in the DC area as a Project Manager with Altarum, a public health research and consulting organization.

Tim graduated from The George Washington University in 2015 with his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and then again in 2017 with his Master’s of Arts in Education and Human Development. Tim received numerous awards during his time at GWU, most notably The George Washington Award for his work in recovery advocacy. The GW Award is the university’s highest honor. During his time at GWU, he founded GW Students for Recovery and interned for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. He’s been in recovery since April of 2011 during his senior year of high school in Wilmington, DE. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.